Americas Hernia Society
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About AHS

The mission of the Americas Hernia Society is to advance the science and treatment of hernia. The vision of the Americas Hernia Society is to be the worldwide authority on hernia surgery.

AHS Board


David Chen, MD
Santa Monica, CA

Jeff Janis, MD
Columbus, OH

Yuri Novitsky, MD
Cleveland, OH

Ajita Prabhu, MD
Cleveland, OH

Board of Governors

Benjamin Poulose, MD
Columbus, OH

Vedra Augenstein, MD
Charlotte, NC

John Fischer, MD
Philadelphia, PA

Jorge Daes, MD
Barranquilla, Colombia

Flavio Malcher de Oliveira, MD

Hobart Harris, MD
San Francisco, CA

Jacob Greenberg, MD
Madison, WI

J. Scott Roth, MD
Lexington, KY

Keith Paley, MD
Owatonna, MN

Kamal Itani, MD
West Roxbury, MA

Archana Ramaswamy, MD
Lexington, KY